[Maintenance Notice UPDATE] 10/06/2017
Maintenance is extended for indefinite amount of time. We are waiting for Bjorn. Until then you may take a rest from R2

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[Patch Notes] 10/06/17
Hello everyone!
We are introducing a new set of rings - the next grade for good old stat rings. But before we finally introduce them, we have decided to let you to test them out. While the current Lucky Bags event is ongoing, you can craft yourself a Shiny Giftbox, which you can exchange for a time-limited ring from a new set (Event NPC Jane will help you out with that).

Craft cost for a Shiny Giftbox:
100 Weapon Enhance Scrolls
100 Armor Enhance Scrolls
100 Pieces of steel

Stats of the new rings:

Hellfire ring of Strength - +6 Strength, +3 Melee Damage, +3 Melee Accuracy, Crit Damage increased, Monster Slain lv 3.
Hellfire ring of Agility - +6 Agility, +3 Ranged Damage, +3 Ranged Accuracy, Crit chance, Monster Slain lv 3.
Hellfire ring of Intelligence - +6 Intelligence, +3 Magic Damage, +5 Magic Accuracy, Movement speed while transformed increased, Monster Slain lv 3.

Other changes:
- Slightly increased attack speed on Ring of Anger and Efreet Ring.
- Increased a drop chance on Ancient enhance scrolls for all mobs that had them.
- Removed Blessed Weapon enhance scrolls from Manticores.
- Removed Armor enhance scrolls from Black slaads.

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[Maintenance finished] 10/06/2017
Hey everyone.

You may login to the game, but that update has a lot of files in it, and downloading will take some time. For some reason, the progress is not shown at the progress bar. Just login and leave it for 10-20 minutes.

Сервер запущен. В обновлении много файлов, поэтому обновление займёт некоторое время. Почему-то прогресс-бар не показывает, сколько скачалось и осталось, поэтому просто запустите лаунчер, залогиньтесь и ждите, пока всё скачается. Обновление файлов может занять около получаса.
Ещё один файлик не хочет обновляться через апдейтер, это мы починим немного позже — решили запустить вас на осаду

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[Maintenance Notice] 10/06/2017
Hey guys!

We're currently having a maintenance. Don't worry, we are going to finish before sieging.


Привет, ребята!

Сейчас проходит профилактика. Не волнуйтесь, мы постараемся закончить до осады.


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[Patch Notes] 1/04/17
We are introducing a new pair of quests.

First one is offered by Baalbek chaser Laon. He asks you to help him with killing Light Berecs. As a reward, he will give you a vial filled with Jupiters' tears.
Similarly, the second quest is offered by Jupiter chaser Ritz. He needs your help with killing Tragic wraiths. Reward for completing is a vial filled with Baalbek's tears.
For the lore details you can talk to these guys.

Having these 2 items, you can craft a bottle of Gods' tears. Craft chance is 100%.
This bottle is a highly valuable item, that can be exchanged at our Event NPC for:
1) Holy water
2) Hard Transformation Stone

The list will probably be extended with other items of similar rarity.

Have fun!

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[Patch Notes] 25/03/17
1) Added grades for Transform Control rings. Mobs that drop craft items for them are the same as for other servers.

2) Changed two mobs and their weak versions: Light Berecs and Tragic wraiths. Their new drop lists:

Light Berec:
— ~10k silver.
— +0 Dadao (blessed)
— +0 Kris (blessed)
— +0 Aqua orb (blessed)
— +0 Feather staff (blessed)
— +0 Composite bow (blessed)
— +0 Damascus halberd (blessed)
— Ancient weapon enhance scroll

Tragic Wraith:
— ~10k silver.
— +0 Magic Mithril Armor (blessed)
— +0 Magic Mithril Light Armor (blessed)
— +0 Magic Berkane Armor (blessed)
— +0 Bone Shield (blessed)
— +0 Head Guardian Cloak (blessed)
— +0 Head Search Cloak (blessed)
— Ancient armor enhance scroll

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[E-Pin Reseller] New Official E-Pin Reseller Available
As you all know we currently rely on e-pin resellers and bitcoins for donations. We are working on making it as easy as possible for donations to be received.

Therefore we we are happy to announce we have got a new E-Pin Reseller who has opened up a shop at http://dpoints.org/

I've personally tested the site and it's automatically giving the epins

Shortly when the new reseller makes a new forum account I'll give it a title and edit this post with his name but I just wanted to let everyone know this was available.


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