[Emergency Maintenance] 20/02/17

Sorry for the late notice. We've had to take the servers down for a maintenance. We'll let you know when the servers come back up, in the mean time we ask for your patience while we fix some issues.

As compensationfor this un-announced downtime we'll be extending the Valentines Event until next Monday (27th).


Привет всем!

Приносим извинения за позднее объявление. Нам пришлось выключить сервер на профилактику в силу непредвиденных обстоятельств. Просим вас набраться терпения, а мы постараемся включить сервер как можно скорее.

В качестве компенсации мы продлим ивент в честь Дня Святого Валентина ещё на неделю (до 27-го февраля).


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[Patch Notes] 13/02/17

Here is the patch-notes for this maint:

1. Edited the cash shop list. Including higher level necklaces, cleared up some items that were too expensive, cut the cost on Arrows etc.
2. Royal Coins now drop in 10’s instead of 1’s at Special Appraisal.
3. Crew Battle chests (Experienced) now cost 6 and 4 coins instead of 8 and 6 respectively.
4. Narciss NPCs that previously gave Kasa, Silafe, Gnome and Undin transform scrolls as rewards now give Welkacel, Eris, Lilians and Erised transform scrolls.
5. Introducing an event (see http://forum.helnetworks.org/forum/h...alentine-s-day).
6. Improved silver list's interface (http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=silverlist).
7. Enabled multiclienting. Bjorn has managed to remove the built-in check for 2nd window.

What we have been working on, and what we hope to introduce at the next maint:

1. Crafted Transform rings. We've managed to find a way to enable them and even put it into the Craft tab. Only thing now is they're a bit buggy. Also, for some reason they are time-limited and bound. We are planning to fix that and introduce them next week.

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[Event] Saint Valentine's Day!
Hello everyone.
The HelNet team wishes you a Happy Valentine's day!

As a gift, we have prepared a long-awaited event for you.
During the following days players can meet Cupid and ask him to exchange Heart Candies and Heart Chocolates for goodies!
Heart Candies and Chocolates can be obtained by hunting monsters all over the Callport.
Monsters list:

Heart Candies

Hellfire Skeleton Knight
Druid of Purgatory
Water Dragon
Meteos Maid
Vampire Queen
Vampire King
Cyclops of Restoration
Undead Puppet Master

Heart Chocolates

Meteos Shadow
Meteos Scout
Meteos Destroyer
Meteos Berserker
Mutant Quadpod
Degenerate Elf
Dragram Legionary Soldier
Dragram Pyromancer
Leech Scorpion
Degenerate Gryphon
Great King Centipede
Thief Rifleman
Ghost Slave
Female Pirate Viking
Rune Guard
Creature Shaman
Venom Moth
Disguised Moth Watcher
Four-Eyed Watcher
Blue Dragon in the Deep Sea
Flame Interrogator
Earth Feet Pterosaur
Castle Golem
Two-Headed Giant Runaway
Fallen Dark Elf
Battlefield Ogre
Dark Night of the Nightmare

Heart Chocolates (Drop rate increased)

Hell Chimera
Pirate Shaman
Thanatos Berserker
Thanatos Pikemen
Thanatos Assassin
Thanatos Scout
Thanatos Archer
Larcat Engineers Warrior
Larcat Steel Archer
Larcat High Priest
Steel Larcat Infantry
Larcat Senior Officers
Guardian Salad
Keeper Ally Francis
Keeper Ally industry
Bloody Evil Queen
Bloody evil devil
Evil seed
Weak Keeper Salad
Weak Keeper Alice Francis
Weak Keeper Yi Liye
Weak bloody evil Queen
Weak evil seed
Weak bloody evil devil
Angry grieving
tragic Wraith
Light Berec
Light Ailuo De
Fallen Evil Queen
Awakening Evil Devil
Spree Gun Gard

Have a good week!

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[Maintenance Notice] 13/02/2017

We'll be having a maintenance on Monday 13th Februrary at 1am PST. Please log out before that time, to prevent issues with your account.

Full patch notes will be posted afterwards.


Привет всем. В понедельник, 13 февраля, в 11 часов утра по московскому времени начнётся профилактика. Не забудьте заранее выйти из игры в безопасном месте!

Полный список изменений будет опубликован после профилактики.

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[Event] Report hacks for d-points!
Hello everyone!

We have a task for you and in return you can win some donation points! We want you to report hacks that work with R2. With the new anti-system being live we can work on making the system more impenetrable to hackers. We will determine from your posts what type of hack you are reporting and what classification it will fit into.

Depending on the quality and severity of the hack or reported cheat you could win anything from 5000 to 10000 donation points! In exceptional circumstances such as information about dupe bugs we will give up to 50000 d-points (please note we expect full instructions in these cases).

Simply structure your posts like this in a thread in support:

Title: Reporting Hacks GMEriam*
*Put your name here

Your username:
Type of Hack being reported:
What effect it has in-game:
Any other details including exe and links:

Please bare in mind that reports come on a first come first served basis. Reporting the same hack later than someone else won’t result in a prize being given out.
Expect prizes to arrive within a few days of your initial report.

Привет всем!

У нас для вас есть задание, за выполнение которого вы можете получить TWD. Мы хотим получить репорты на читы, работающие в Р2. Нам это нужно затем, чтобы добавить эти программы в исключения в нашей новой системе безопасности NSE, а также научить её выявлять программы, схожие по действию с теми, что вы зарепортите. Принимается информация по поводу спидхака, разгона статов, дюпа, ботов и прочего. В большинстве случаев от вас потребуется .exe-файл программы.

Исходя из вашего поста, мы будем смотреть, что вы зарепортили и насколько ценна эта информация. Если репорт будет засчитан, то вы, в зависимости от качества репорта и типа программы, можете получить от 5000 до 10000 TWD! В особенных случаях, таких как информация о дюпе, мы будем начислять до 50000 TWD (такие репорты должны включать в себя полную инструкцию по воспроизведению дюпа).

Создавайте тему в саппорт-треде (forum.helnetworks.org/forum/hel-networks/r2-online/support-requests/support-section-aa) в следующем формате:

Репорт на чит-программу / Инфо о разгоне статов / дюпе.
Тип чита -
Что он делает в игре (более подробное описание) -
Любые другие детали, которые вы хотите упомянуть (.exe-файл, ссылки и т.п.) -

Отдельно отметим, что вознаграждаться за репорт на конкретный чит будет только самый первый игрок, который отправит на него репорт.

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R2 [New Anti-Hack System]
Hello guys,

We are in the process of uploading a new anti-hack system to R2. This system may take a few days to perfect and may cause some login issues during the first few days. We'll be working to fix these as fast as possible but if you do have any errors please report them to us via the support section. Please bare with us during deployment.

The new anti- hack will catch players attempting to utilize any 3rd party software to illegally gain an advantage in the game. This will lead to an automatic hardware ID ban from our servers. Effectively meaning your computer can no longer access any of our servers.

Thank-you for your patience and on-going support.

HelNet Team

Привет всем! Мы ставим новую анти-хак систему на наш R2 сервер. Сразу предупреждаем, что для того, чтобы довести систему до ума и обработать все возникающие баги, может понадобиться некоторое время, и в течение нескольких следующих дней у игроков, возможно, будут проблемы со входом в игру. Мы будем фиксить это как можно быстрее, и если у вас возникную подобные проблемы, пожалуйста, обращайтесь в Support Section со скриншотами ошибок и подробным описанием проблемы (forum.helnetworks.org/forum/hel-networks/r2-online/support-requests/support-section-aa).

Новый анти-хак должен определять пользователей, пытающихся использовать стороннее ПО для нелегального получения преимущества в игре. Использование такового повлечёт бан по железу на всех наших серверах. На деле это значит, что со своего компьютера хакер больше не сможет зайти ни на один из наших серверов.

Спасибо за ваше терпение и поддержку!

Команда HelNet

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Improved Reseller Availability | Become an E-Pin Reseller TODAY
OK so to get things rolling a bit faster I've changed reseller system a bit...

Now ANYONE can become an E-Pin reseller, I've created these 2 new pages

For generating E-Pins from your current dpoint ballance

For viewing all epins linked to your account as seller that have not been used

Currently to become an E-Pin reseller you MUST have D-Points on your account already, the only way to load up your account atm is through Bitcoins here http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=btc

Values 100$ + get the bonus points that resellers have always been offered with $500 and $1,000 getting an even larger bonus then has ever been offered to resellers

--------------------- How To Use System ------------------------

1. Load up D-Points to your account using Bitcoins here http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=btc

2. Go to http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=epins

3. Select a code value from the first dropdown box, this selects the value per code you are generating(ranges from 50DP up to 5,000DP per code)

4. Select the number of codes to generate (each code will be the same value selected above and you must have enough dpoints on your account to generate them) (Max=100, Min = 1)

5. Make sure Total Cost is not higher then the number of dpoints available on your account

6. Press Submit, this will then generate your E-Pins and list the pins generated(you can view a list of all codes you have generated here http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=epinlist at any time)

7. Sell the E-Pins to other players using whatever system you prefer, from this point on it's up to you

Anyone caught Scamming E-Pins/Abusing E-Pin system overall WILL get a hardware perma ban from the game and all E-Pins linked to the account will be posted on forums for the quickest users to take for free(no refunds will be issued to Scammers/Abusers)

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Patch Notes : 11/28/2016
Hey! Here is a patchnote for this maint.

1. We have sufficiently boosted the distribution on Base Materials Draw. Now it is actually possible to draw any material except +5 ones. Yes - any level, any grade, any type and any enhance level except +5. To clarify: you can draw +4 Lvl. 5 Material of Destruction (Legendary), but can not draw +1 Lvl. 1 Material of Life (Common).

2. We have completely reworked the droplists of Gifts of Fortune. They are now supposed to ease life and introduce the game for newbies, as well as provide some actually useful equipment (and other goodies) for more experienced players.
Here are full actual droplists. (Some items ingame may not display remaining time on them. note that they still will disappear after specified time limit).

Level 1:
1) Turk

Level 2:
1) Novice Quickness Potion (5)

Level 3:
1) Transformation Wand

Level 4:
1) +1 Leather Armor
2) Novice Potion (10)

Level 5:
1) Protection Potion (2)

Level 6:
1) +1 Leather Helm

Level 7:
1) +1 Wolf Hide Boots

Level 8:
1) +1 Wolf Hide Gloves
2) Mango Juice (3)

Level 9:
1) Mango Candy (3)

Level 10:
1) Weight Potion Lv. 2 (3)

Level 11:
1) +1 Chain Helm (2 days)

Level 12:
1) Survival Ring (1 day)

Level 13:
1) +1 Chain Gloves (2 days)

Level 14:
1) Greater Critical Potion (3)

Level 15:
1) Gift of Fortune Lv. 16

Level 16:
1) Weight Potion Lv. 2 (3)

Level 17:
1) Cannonade Chitin (1 day)
2) Princess (Regular) Necklace (1 day)

Level 18:
1) Firecracker of Love (3)

Level 19:
1) Reward of Reputation (II) (3)

Level 20:
1) +3 Nightmare Chaser (2 days)
2) +1 Chain Mail (2 days)

Level 21:
1) Transform Rune (3)

Level 22:
1) Efreets Belt (2 days)
2) Sorcerers Secret Medicine (5)

Level 23:
1) Steel Belt

Level 24:
1) Transformation Wand
2) Transformation Control Ring (3 days)

Level 25:
1) Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 1 (1 day)

Level 26:
1) Scorpion Gauntlet (3 days)
2) +2 Glorious Cloak

Level 27:
1) Pounded Rice Cake (8)

Level 28:
1) +3 Parrying Dagger (3 days)
2) +3 Arondite (3 days)
3) +3 Lightning Rifle (3 days)
4) +3 Gaia Soul Orb (3 days)

Level 29:
1) Gift of Fortune Lv. 30

Level 30:
1) +4 Nightmare Chaser (3 days)
2) +2 Chain Mail (3 days)

Level 31:
1) Battle Draco Ring (3 days)
2) Sealed Scroll of Chimera

Level 32:
1) Book of Multiple Minds (3 days)
2) Book of the Traveler (3 days)

Level 33:
1) Mars Guardian Charm

Level 34:
1) +3 Darkness Mask (3 days)
2) +3 Darkness Boots (3 days)
3) +1 Steel Boots (3 days)
4) +1 Steel Helm (3 days)

Level 35:
1) +1 Steel Gloves (3 days)
2) +3 Darkness Gloves (3 days)

Level 36:
1) +1 Large Shield (3 days)
2) Arrows of Death (3000)
3) +1 Guardians Bracelet (3 days)

Level 37:
1) Organic Mango Juice (5)
2) Greater Critical Potion (10)
3) Greater Accuracy Potion (20)

Level 38:
1) Royal Coin (5)

Level 39:
1) Belt fof the Sun (3 days)
2) Ring of the Sun (3 days)
3) Ring of the Sun (3 days)

Level 40:
1) Boost EXP Rune (x1.5) (3 hours)
2) +1 Material of Mastery Lv. 1 (Epic) (1 day)
3) +1 Material of Life Lv. 1 (Epic) (1 day)
4) +1 Material of Soul Lv. 1 (Epic) (1 day)
5) +1 Material of Destruction Lv. 1 (Epic) (1 day)
6) +1 Material of Protection Lv. 1 (Epic) (1 day)

Level 41:
1) Material Of The Heros Strength Lv. 2 (1 day)
2) Material Of The Hunters Agility Lv. 2 (1 day)
3) Material Of The Wisdom Lv. 2 (1 day)

Level 42:
1) Sea Monk Bishop Necklace (2 days)

Level 43:
1) Boost EXP Rune (x1.5) (3 hours)

Level 44:
1) Powerful Mage Elixir (5)
2) Sorcerers Secret Medicine (7)

Level 45:
1) +2 Wings of Life
2) Teleport Rune (50)

Level 46:
1) Moon Elf Warrior Necklace (1 day)
2) +1 Synthetic Mithril Armor (3 days)
3) +1 Synthetic Mithril Light Armor (3 days)
4) +3 Synthetic Berkane Armor (3 days)

Level 47:
1) +1 Mithril Helm (2 days)
2) +3 Belkens Mask (2 days)

Level 48:
1) +1 Mithril Boots (2 days)
2) +3 Belkens Boots (2 days)
3) +1 Mithril Gloves (2 days)
4) +3 Belkens Gloves (2 days)

Level 49:
1) Boost EXP Rune (x1.5) (3 hours)
2) Weight Potion Lv. 2 (5)

Level 50:
1) +0 Matt Baptistes Rib Sword (2 days)
2) +0 Matt Baptistes Fangs (2 days)
3) +0 Matt Baptistes Muskets (2 days)
4) +0 Matt Baptistes Nails (2 days)
5) +0 Matt Baptistes Eyes (2 days)

Level 51:
1) Welkacel Transform Scroll (2)
2) Eris Transformation Scroll (2)
3) Lilians Transformation Scroll (2)
4) Erised Transformation Scroll (2)

Level 52:
1) Material Of Fortune Lv. 2 (3 days)
2) Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 2 (3 days)

Level 53:
1) Bengal Knight Transformation Scroll (2)
2) Bengal Archer Transformation Scroll (2)
3) Detection Scroll
4) Dispel Scroll

Level 54:
1) Honor Coin (6)
2) Pass to Premium Dungeon - 2nd Floor (6 hours)

Level 55:
1) Meteos Sacred Charm (2)
2) Firecracker of the Hero (5)
3) Hunters Firecracker (5)

Level 56:
1) +1 Magic Mithril Armor (2 days)
2) +1 Magic Mithril Light Armor (2 days)
3) +3 Magic Berkane Armor (2 days)

Level 57:
1) Enhanced Inch Hit Potion (20)
2) Enhanced Excitation Potion (20)
3) Moon Elf Warrior (III) Necklace (3 days)
4) Teos Witch Necklace (3 days)

Level 58:
1) +1 Material of Protection Lv. 2 (Epic) (2 days)
2) +1 Material of Destruction Lv. 2 (Epic) (2 days)
3) +1 Material of Soul Lv. 2 (Epic) (2 days)
5) +1 Material of Life Lv. 2 (Epic) (2 days)
6) +1 Material of Mastery Lv. 2 (Epic) (2 days)

Level 59:
1) Material Of Fortune Lv. 2 (3 days)
2) Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 2 (3 days)
3) Advanced Tasks Gift Box (5)

Level 60:
1) Battle Draco Ring (7 days)
2) [Enchant II] Himawari! (Lv60) Necklace (2 days)
3) [Enchant II] Dark Master (Lv60) Necklace (2 days)
4) Gray Seal Fendt Reel

Level 61:
1) Material Of Fortune Lv. 3 (7 days)
2) Material Of The Wisdom Lv. 2 (3 days)
3) Material Of The Hunters Agility Lv. 2 (3 days)
4) Material Of The Heros Strength Lv. 2 (3 days)

Level 62:
1) Teleport Ring (7 days)

Level 63:
1) Shining Double Masters Sword (3 days)
2) Shining Masters Falchion (3 days)
3) Shining Masters Orb (3 days)
4) Shining Masters Katar (3 days)
5) Shining Masters Bow (3 days)

Level 64:
1) Upgraded Sun Belt (5 days)
2) Boost EXP Rune (x2) (6 hours)

Level 65:
1) +4 Matt Baptistes Sternum Shield (4 days)
2) Assassins Bracelet of Light Lv. 1 (7 days)
3) Arrows of Death (7500)
4) Roaring Arrows (7500)

Level 66:
1) +0 Material of Mastery Lv. 3 (Legendary) (2 days)
2) +0 Material of Life Lv. 3 (Legendary) (2 days)
3) +0 Material of Soul Lv. 3 (Legendary) (2 days)
4) +0 Material of Protection Lv. 3 (Legendary) (2 days)
5) +0 Material of Destruction Lv. 3 (Legendary) (2 days)

Level 67:
1) Magic Shawl (7 days)

Level 68:
1) Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 3 (10 days)

Level 69:
1) Jijiameixi Archer (Lv69) Necklace (3 days)
2) [Enchant III] Necromancer (Lv69) Necklace (3 days)
3) Upgraded Sun Ring (5 days)
4) Upgraded Sun Ring (5 days)

Level 70:
1) +6 Lightning Sword (3 days)
2) +6 Lightning Bow (3 days)
3) +6 Lightning Staff (3 days)
4) +6 Lightning Quanjian (3 days)
5) +6 Shaped Ball Lightning (3 days)

Level 71:
1) Powerful Ocean Ring of Strength (5 days)
2) Powerful Ocean Ring of Intelligence (5 days)
3) Powerful Ocean Ring of Agility (5 days)

Level 72:
1) Powerful Ocean Necklace of Strength (5 days)
2) Powerful Ocean Necklace of Intelligence (5 days)
3) Powerful Ocean Necklace of Agility (5 days)

Level 73:
1) Powerful Ocean Belt of Strength (5 days)
2) Powerful Ocean Belt of Intelligence (5 days)
3) Powerful Ocean Belt of Agility (5 days)

Level 74:
1) Powerful Mage Elixir (20)
2) Sorcerers Secret Medicine (30)

Level 75:
1) +3 Efreets Heavy Armor (7 days)
2) +3 Efreets Light Armor (7 days)
3) +5 Efreets Mail (7 days)
4) Wind Wizard (Lv75) Necklace (7 days)
5) [Enchant I] Baron Musketeers (Lv75) Necklace (7 days)

Level 76:
1) Splendid Double Masters Sword (4 days)
2) Splendid Masters Falchion (4 days)
3) Splendid Masters Orb (4 days)
4) Splendid Masters Bow (4 days)
5) Splendid Masters Katar (4 days)

Level 77:
1) Book of the Traveler (14 days)
2) Prince Draco Ring (14 days)

Level 78:
1) [Enchant II] Amazing Female Sniper (Lv78) Necklace (10 days)
2) very Quiet (Lv78) Necklace (10 days)

Level 79:
1) Drop Rate Boost Rune (x2) (7 days)
2) Boost Silver Rune (x2) (7 days)
3) Boost EXP Rune (x2) (7 days)

Level 80:
1) Champion Draco (30 days)
2) Enhanced Sun Belt (7 days)
3) Enhanced Sun Necklace (7 days)
4) Enhanced Sun Ring (7 days)
5) Enhanced Sun Ring (7 days)

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R2 Maint 11/28/2016
Hey guys!

We'll be having a maintenance for today. Estimated time is 6-8 hours. A little bit too long, but we bet you'll like the changes!

Full patch notes will be posted afterwards.


Привет, ребята!

Сегодня целый день будет идти профилактика. Примерное время 6-8 часов. Довольно долго, но мы думаем, что вам понравятся нововведения!

Полный список изменений будет опубликован после профилактики.

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