[Patch Notes] 1/04/17
We are introducing a new pair of quests.

First one is offered by Baalbek chaser Laon. He asks you to help him with killing Light Berecs. As a reward, he will give you a vial filled with Jupiters' tears.
Similarly, the second quest is offered by Jupiter chaser Ritz. He needs your help with killing Tragic wraiths. Reward for completing is a vial filled with Baalbek's tears.
For the lore details you can talk to these guys.

Having these 2 items, you can craft a bottle of Gods' tears. Craft chance is 100%.
This bottle is a highly valuable item, that can be exchanged at our Event NPC for:
1) Holy water
2) Hard Transformation Stone

The list will probably be extended with other items of similar rarity.

Have fun!

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[Patch Notes] 25/03/17
1) Added grades for Transform Control rings. Mobs that drop craft items for them are the same as for other servers.

2) Changed two mobs and their weak versions: Light Berecs and Tragic wraiths. Their new drop lists:

Light Berec:
— ~10k silver.
— +0 Dadao (blessed)
— +0 Kris (blessed)
— +0 Aqua orb (blessed)
— +0 Feather staff (blessed)
— +0 Composite bow (blessed)
— +0 Damascus halberd (blessed)
— Ancient weapon enhance scroll

Tragic Wraith:
— ~10k silver.
— +0 Magic Mithril Armor (blessed)
— +0 Magic Mithril Light Armor (blessed)
— +0 Magic Berkane Armor (blessed)
— +0 Bone Shield (blessed)
— +0 Head Guardian Cloak (blessed)
— +0 Head Search Cloak (blessed)
— Ancient armor enhance scroll

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[E-Pin Reseller] New Official E-Pin Reseller Available
As you all know we currently rely on e-pin resellers and bitcoins for donations. We are working on making it as easy as possible for donations to be received.

Therefore we we are happy to announce we have got a new E-Pin Reseller who has opened up a shop at http://dpoints.org/

I've personally tested the site and it's automatically giving the epins

Shortly when the new reseller makes a new forum account I'll give it a title and edit this post with his name but I just wanted to let everyone know this was available.


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[Maintenance Notice UPDATE] 28/02/2017
Hey guys!

We're postponing the maintenance a little bit. We will shut down the server at 12pm server time. Please log out before that time, to prevent issues with your account.


Привет всем!

Мы немного откладываем профилактику. Отключим сервер в 12 дня по Москве. Не забудьте заранее выйти из игры в безопасном месте!


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[Maintenance Notice] 28/02/2017
Hey guys!

We'll be having a maintenance tomorrow at 1am PST. That is today 11am Moscow time. Please log out before that time, to prevent issues with your account.


Привет, ребята!

Очередная профилактика начнётся завтра в час ночи по PST. Это сегодня в 11 утра по Москве. Не забудьте заранее выйти из игры в безопасном месте!


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[Emergency Maintenance] 20/02/17

Sorry for the late notice. We've had to take the servers down for a maintenance. We'll let you know when the servers come back up, in the mean time we ask for your patience while we fix some issues.

As compensationfor this un-announced downtime we'll be extending the Valentines Event until next Monday (27th).


Привет всем!

Приносим извинения за позднее объявление. Нам пришлось выключить сервер на профилактику в силу непредвиденных обстоятельств. Просим вас набраться терпения, а мы постараемся включить сервер как можно скорее.

В качестве компенсации мы продлим ивент в честь Дня Святого Валентина ещё на неделю (до 27-го февраля).


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[Patch Notes] 13/02/17

Here is the patch-notes for this maint:

1. Edited the cash shop list. Including higher level necklaces, cleared up some items that were too expensive, cut the cost on Arrows etc.
2. Royal Coins now drop in 10’s instead of 1’s at Special Appraisal.
3. Crew Battle chests (Experienced) now cost 6 and 4 coins instead of 8 and 6 respectively.
4. Narciss NPCs that previously gave Kasa, Silafe, Gnome and Undin transform scrolls as rewards now give Welkacel, Eris, Lilians and Erised transform scrolls.
5. Introducing an event (see http://forum.helnetworks.org/forum/h...alentine-s-day).
6. Improved silver list's interface (http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=silverlist).
7. Enabled multiclienting. Bjorn has managed to remove the built-in check for 2nd window.

What we have been working on, and what we hope to introduce at the next maint:

1. Crafted Transform rings. We've managed to find a way to enable them and even put it into the Craft tab. Only thing now is they're a bit buggy. Also, for some reason they are time-limited and bound. We are planning to fix that and introduce them next week.

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[Event] Saint Valentine's Day!
Hello everyone.
The HelNet team wishes you a Happy Valentine's day!

As a gift, we have prepared a long-awaited event for you.
During the following days players can meet Cupid and ask him to exchange Heart Candies and Heart Chocolates for goodies!
Heart Candies and Chocolates can be obtained by hunting monsters all over the Callport.
Monsters list:

Heart Candies

Hellfire Skeleton Knight
Druid of Purgatory
Water Dragon
Meteos Maid
Vampire Queen
Vampire King
Cyclops of Restoration
Undead Puppet Master

Heart Chocolates

Meteos Shadow
Meteos Scout
Meteos Destroyer
Meteos Berserker
Mutant Quadpod
Degenerate Elf
Dragram Legionary Soldier
Dragram Pyromancer
Leech Scorpion
Degenerate Gryphon
Great King Centipede
Thief Rifleman
Ghost Slave
Female Pirate Viking
Rune Guard
Creature Shaman
Venom Moth
Disguised Moth Watcher
Four-Eyed Watcher
Blue Dragon in the Deep Sea
Flame Interrogator
Earth Feet Pterosaur
Castle Golem
Two-Headed Giant Runaway
Fallen Dark Elf
Battlefield Ogre
Dark Night of the Nightmare

Heart Chocolates (Drop rate increased)

Hell Chimera
Pirate Shaman
Thanatos Berserker
Thanatos Pikemen
Thanatos Assassin
Thanatos Scout
Thanatos Archer
Larcat Engineers Warrior
Larcat Steel Archer
Larcat High Priest
Steel Larcat Infantry
Larcat Senior Officers
Guardian Salad
Keeper Ally Francis
Keeper Ally industry
Bloody Evil Queen
Bloody evil devil
Evil seed
Weak Keeper Salad
Weak Keeper Alice Francis
Weak Keeper Yi Liye
Weak bloody evil Queen
Weak evil seed
Weak bloody evil devil
Angry grieving
tragic Wraith
Light Berec
Light Ailuo De
Fallen Evil Queen
Awakening Evil Devil
Spree Gun Gard

Have a good week!

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[Maintenance Notice] 13/02/2017

We'll be having a maintenance on Monday 13th Februrary at 1am PST. Please log out before that time, to prevent issues with your account.

Full patch notes will be posted afterwards.


Привет всем. В понедельник, 13 февраля, в 11 часов утра по московскому времени начнётся профилактика. Не забудьте заранее выйти из игры в безопасном месте!

Полный список изменений будет опубликован после профилактики.

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[Event] Report hacks for d-points!
Hello everyone!

We have a task for you and in return you can win some donation points! We want you to report hacks that work with R2. With the new anti-system being live we can work on making the system more impenetrable to hackers. We will determine from your posts what type of hack you are reporting and what classification it will fit into.

Depending on the quality and severity of the hack or reported cheat you could win anything from 5000 to 10000 donation points! In exceptional circumstances such as information about dupe bugs we will give up to 50000 d-points (please note we expect full instructions in these cases).

Simply structure your posts like this in a thread in support:

Title: Reporting Hacks GMEriam*
*Put your name here

Your username:
Type of Hack being reported:
What effect it has in-game:
Any other details including exe and links:

Please bare in mind that reports come on a first come first served basis. Reporting the same hack later than someone else won’t result in a prize being given out.
Expect prizes to arrive within a few days of your initial report.

Привет всем!

У нас для вас есть задание, за выполнение которого вы можете получить TWD. Мы хотим получить репорты на читы, работающие в Р2. Нам это нужно затем, чтобы добавить эти программы в исключения в нашей новой системе безопасности NSE, а также научить её выявлять программы, схожие по действию с теми, что вы зарепортите. Принимается информация по поводу спидхака, разгона статов, дюпа, ботов и прочего. В большинстве случаев от вас потребуется .exe-файл программы.

Исходя из вашего поста, мы будем смотреть, что вы зарепортили и насколько ценна эта информация. Если репорт будет засчитан, то вы, в зависимости от качества репорта и типа программы, можете получить от 5000 до 10000 TWD! В особенных случаях, таких как информация о дюпе, мы будем начислять до 50000 TWD (такие репорты должны включать в себя полную инструкцию по воспроизведению дюпа).

Создавайте тему в саппорт-треде (forum.helnetworks.org/forum/hel-networks/r2-online/support-requests/support-section-aa) в следующем формате:

Репорт на чит-программу / Инфо о разгоне статов / дюпе.
Тип чита -
Что он делает в игре (более подробное описание) -
Любые другие детали, которые вы хотите упомянуть (.exe-файл, ссылки и т.п.) -

Отдельно отметим, что вознаграждаться за репорт на конкретный чит будет только самый первый игрок, который отправит на него репорт.

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